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Find out more about how a heart transplant is performed. Your transplant team can give you advice about how long you may need to avoid certain activities during your recovery.

Without these medicines, your body may recognise your new heart as foreign and attack it rejection. Find out more about recovering from a heart transplant. Many of these problems are treatable, although sometimes another heart transplant may need to be carried out if possible. Find out more about the risks associated with a heart transplant. They will want to make sure that you are a good candidate for a transplant. You will visit many times over several weeks or even months. You will need to have blood drawn and x-rays taken. The following may also be done:.

If the transplant team believes you are a good candidate, you will be put on a regional waiting list for a heart:.

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Most, but not all, people who are waiting for a heart transplant are very ill and need to be in the hospital. Many will need some sort of device to help their heart pump enough blood to the body.

Why might I need a heart transplant?

Most often, this is a ventricular assist device VAD. You should expect to stay in the hospital for 7 to 21 days after a heart transplant. The first 24 to 48 hours will likely be in the intensive care unit ICU.

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During the first few days after a transplant, you will need close follow-up to make sure that you do not get an infection and your heart is working well. The recovery period is about 3 months and often, your transplant team will ask you to stay fairly close to the hospital during that time period.

Heart Donation: Everything you need to know to become a donor

You will need to have regular check-ups with blood tests, x-rays, and echocardiograms for many years. Fighting rejection is an ongoing process. The body's immune system considers the transplanted organ a foreign body and fights it. For this reason, organ transplant patients must take drugs that suppress the body's immune response. To prevent rejection, it is very important to take these medicines and carefully follow your self-care instructions. Biopsies of the heart muscle are often done every month during the first 6 to 12 months after transplant, and then less often after that.

This helps determine if your body is rejecting the new heart, even before you have symptoms.

Deaths increase under new heart donor system, research team finds

You must take drugs that prevent transplant rejection for the rest of your life. You will need to understand how to take these medicines, and know their side effects. You can go back to your normal activities 3 months after the transplant as soon as you feel well enough, and after talking with your health care provider.

Consult your provider if you plan to engage in vigorous physical activity. If you develop coronary disease after a transplant, you may have cardiac catheterization every year. But a study led by University of Pennsylvania researchers examined deaths, donations and health records and calculated that a better-functioning system could produce up to 28, more donated organs a year.

The recent spike in drug overdose deaths has increased donors. Some OPOs are aggressively looking for additional boosts. It focuses on organs often considered too difficult to recover — not those taken from brain-dead donors, which are most common, but from people who die when their heart stops beating.

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At LifeGift in Houston, where donors are up about 40 percent since , CEO Kevin Myer has hired dozens of new employees to reach far-flung hospitals faster. The first pair was successfully transplanted in North Carolina more than 20 hours after donation.

Louis, who supports the death record-based standard. But different OPOs can define eligibility differently. There are disincentives to pursuing every organ. And sometimes there are breakdowns.

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  7. When local transplant centers refuse less-than-perfect organs, OPOs can be reluctant to collect them because they may not find a recipient elsewhere. A recent study suggests U. Surgeons in France regularly implant lower-quality kidneys from older donors than their American counterparts, with success. Medicare recently took a small step to counter transplant center reluctance.

    Organ Donation and Transplantation

    On the donation side, many OPOs and patient groups see value in reform that bases OPO success on the largest possible pool of donors, an easy-to-track number. But some OPO leaders are lobbying for a different measure, one whittled down to just people on ventilators. Some Midwestern OPOs are testing that approach.

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