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Many people have great anxiety about their sleep and struggle when sleep does not work out the way they want to during a particular night. My book is really designed to educate and reduce the anxiety many feel surrounding sleep and their ability to get it.

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The first step is good education about sleep. In this world of the ten second sound bite, it is hard for people to get a complete picture of their sleep. As someone who occasionally has trouble falling asleep, what advice do you have for people with insomnia?

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Back to the Rest. Culture April 21, Learn what it takes to be sleep fit Sign up below for our sleep fitness program, tips on how to improve your sleep, and exclusive discounts.

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Posted by Carlie Dobkin. Everyone has trouble falling asleep from time to time We skip meal from time to time too and I've never seen articles about that.

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If you constantly go to bed at 11pm and it takes you 2 hours to fall asleep on average, why in the hell are you going to bed at 11pm Listen to your body Stop worrying about an occasional hesitancy to sleep. Learn to appreciate and enjoy the act of resting. It is highly beneficial.

There you are in your bed, awake, but relaxed. No boss is yelling at you. There are no dishes to wash. Think about your upcoming weekend.

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Think about your celebrity crush. Think about whatever you want As soon as we let go of the fear of not sleeping, insomnia has zero power over us. Keep in mind too, resting is not wasted time Not willing to give up until he solves this cold-blooded murder, he finds the unthinkable. A Detective Noah Daugherty novel.

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Four seasons. Four cases. Each separate and unique. Because murder is always in season. This is spring and Detective Noah Daugherty faces a new challenge. As things heat up, she hides a piece of her past that is key to solving the case, ashamed of the part she plays. It's a scorching Houston summer, and a new case for homicide detective Noah Daugherty. When the high-powered CEO of Beneficial Products, a company dedicated to the production of healthy foods, is discovered drowned in her hot tub, what appears to be either an accident or suicide, quickly escalates into something much more sinister.

As the body count rises, the link between victims becomes all too clear. Can Noah find a killer bent on vigilante justice before the storms of summer strike? The harvest moon has arrived and homicide detective Noah Daugherty is drawn into a new and harrowing case when the search for clues leads him to the middle of a killing field. Desperate, he enlists the help of a woman from his past. Together they discover a serial killer, hell bent on reaping his own depraved version of social sanitation. As Noah continues his urgent search for justice, the demented madman seems to stay one step ahead, taunting him and threatening everyone he holds dear.