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Listen to this audiobook excerpt from Paul Doiron's thriller novel Trespasser. In this riveting follow-up to the Edgar Award--nominated novel, The Poacher's Son, Maine game warden Mike Bowditch's quest to find a missing woman leads him through a forest of lies in search of a killer who may have gotten away with murder once before. He is a Registered Maine Guide specializing in fly fishing and lives on a trout stream in coastal Maine with his wife, Kristen Lindquist. Leyva has appeared in numerous stage and screen productions. He lives in New York City. Our Privacy Notice has been updated to explain how we use cookies, which you accept by continuing to use this website.

To withdraw your consent, see Your Choices. Books in this Series. Trespasser by Paul Doiron--Audiobook Excerpt. About the author.

Mark Fleming Follow. Related Links. Henry Leyva. Latest on Facebook. A vampire's shriveled husk is found long-dead in a wine cellar underneath Haven, a retirement resort where immortals pass infinite time.

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The only rule in Haven is zero violence, and there's zero tolerance. Poe must team up with the local sheriff, Gwyneth Gresham, in order to solve the murder, bring justice to the deader-than-usual victim, and survive Miss Draconia's Knitting Circle. For a budding detective like Mr. Poe, one little murder mystery won't even give him paws. This is no boring librarian shushing people from behind a desk. This librarian corrals rogue magic.

I knew when I woke up with a migraine that things were going to get interesting.

But I had no idea how bad it was going to get. Until I found a frog sitting in my teacup.

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Even that, I could explain to myself if I had to. After all, I have a creative mind. The talking frog was just the beginning of my problems. And quite a beginning it was! Retired FBI agent Cliff Knowles thought he was being hired by a Fortune company just to find out why their sales of spare parts were down. He soon learns that where there's money there's mayhem - and murder.

His investigation brings him to southwestern Utah where he finds that an employee of the company he's investigating recently lost his head - literally. Not a chance. When Cliff decides to venture into the desert to hunt a geocache, he is unaware that he is being hunted, too. In this harrowing tale of greed and guile, Cliff's survival depends on his only weapon - his wits. Cliff's FBI agent wife, Ellen Kennedy, returns to work after her maternity leave ready to pursue criminals of all stripes. Instead she finds that she is assigned to a convicted drug dealer and heroin addict who once attacked Cliff, but to investigate her for an entirely unexpected reason - to help her get a presidential pardon!

Once again Cliff and Ellen end up working together pursuing justice and geocaches in their own inimitable style. Behead Me is a standalone book and, like all the other Cliff Knowles Mysteries, can be enjoyed without having read any of the earlier books. Lemmi is happily welcoming spring without much change in her life. Then something shocking happens. Paws says something nice?

No, not that shocking. Instead, Detective Cutter asks her to get involved in an investigation. Of course she obliges, and the reasons behind his desire to include her soon become clear. She thinks she has her hands full with one murder, but then the unthinkable happens. There's a second.

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Don't get caught holding the bag. Speed dating, cocktails, and dead bodies. She got all dressed up for this? With everything blowing up in her love life, her job life, and her confidence, Madison finds herself on the rebound, unable to sort out her feelings.


Passionate kisses with a certain crime fighter provide a nice distraction, but things may not be what they seem. A singing telegram turns dangerous, a speed dating event runs riot, and a missing chef with a wild past pits Madison against the odds. Then someone puts murder on the menu.

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A humorous mystery laced with romantic comedy. Lucy Carol, winner of Chanticleer Book Review's Mystery and Mayhem, delivers another fun page-turner that leaves you breathless with laughter, and wanting more! What readers are saying "Smart and fun chick lit What can I say? I'm hooked.

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What can go wrong when an elderly matriarch leaves the family fortune to her cat? Just about everything, including 'catnapping' and murder!

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CATNIP is a mystery set in the picturesque town of Dunbarton, Ontario, and tells the story of what befalls the dysfunctional Dunbar family, and the chaos that ensues, when the matriarch of the clan leaves the family fortune to her cat. That formidable feline proves to be more than a match for the humans in his life, until one fateful night when, caught unawares, he is stuffed in a sack and carried away.

A nosy neighbor with a nasty, suspicious mind points the finger of suspicion at the Dunbars and Christopher Mallory, the young attorney who is the trustee of the estate, and under the terms of the will, they face losing everything. When a murder occurs, Christopher finds himself confronting a ruthless killer who would do anything to conceal his or her identity, including to kill again.

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Book your ticket to Magic Island, where the potions are brewed fresh daily, the beaches are perfect for creature-watching, and the fangs and fur are on full display. Wren Winters is utterly, painfully ordinary. The most boring job on the planet? Double check. Make that a triple. And they are. Just not in the way she planned. Suddenly, Wren is thrust into a fantasy world come to life, where taxis sprout wings and take to the skies, merwomen teach sold-out water aerobics classes, and scent-challenged ogres panhandle on street corners for unusual delicacies.

Turns out even fantasy worlds have their dark sides. Author's Note: Each book includes a self-contained mystery, but there are longer, ongoing subplots that continue throughout the series. Mags, recently widowed, has retired to tiny Buck's Gap off the Big Sur coast, content to work her crosswords and discuss mysteries with her book club.

Then she discovers the body of a murder victim, a professional puzzle-maker, and is drawn into the investigation.