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After completing her first degree she became active as a trades union official 3rd secretary for agitation and propaganda in youth work while working between and , in the huge "Narva" as the company would later be known light bulb plant in East Berlin. As a union activist within the plant she campaigned powerfully, both against the endless bureaucratic restrictions on how workers might benefit from the potential economic opportunities this presented by the border, and against workplace gender discrimination.

New PDF release: Persönlichkeit und Gesundheit: Die Auswirkungen von

During the early s she was able, as a post-graduate student to resume her association with the Humboldt. Her dissertation was entitled "Some of the philosophical-ethical problems in determining the role of women in society and applying equal rights" "Einige philosophisch-ethische Probleme bei der Bestimmung der gesellschaftlichen Rolle der Frau und der Durchsetzung ihrer Gleichberechtigung". She was now appointed to a full professorship for Ethics at the Humboldt.

She had already, in , initiated the creation of the Department for Ethics as a division of the university's Section for Marxist—Leninist Philosophy. She later took over from Anneliese Griese, serving as Head of the Philosophy section between March and January Her successor in this position was Heinz Kuchling.

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Additionally, during the early s she was a member of the working group on "Problems of biological, psychological and social personality determination" with the East German Academy of Pedagogical Sciences. As a member of the East German Academy of Sciences she served on various advisory bodies including the one on "Women in Socialist Society".

Political developments during and the realisation after November of that year that the Soviet forces had no orders to the crush street protests violently, as they had in opened the way to German reunification which followed, formally, in October Between and she served for fifteen years as chair of the advisory board, responsible for organising academic presentations, reading sessions with authors and computer courses. She published her memoires in She was involved in the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women , and introduced in a declaration "on the stronger inclusion of women in the fight for peace" which was adopted by the General Assembly in and, it has been suggested, incorporated in UN Resolution In March , and again in , she chaired a Vienna day session, and at the second UN World Women's Conference at Copenhagen in July she was first vice-chair "in charge of coordination".

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Free City of Danzig. Formative childhood experiences " The repetition of that experience in as former citizen of East Germany was painful. As the assault on the Soviet Union was thrown into reverse [ after ] and nothing was to be left behind except burned soil, those of us who lived [ as children in Danzig ] were simply "unnecessary ballast". As a nine year old I was burying dead bodies. My father was arrested in and sentenced to a life sentence by a Freisler court.

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When the allies released him he was in a death camp. These life experiences formed my antifascist conviction" " Klasse zu sein. Mein Vater wurde verhaftet und vom Freisler-Gericht zu lebenslanger Haft verurteilt.

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Die Alliierten befreiten ihn aus dem Todeslager. Wie eine Spitzenwissenschaftlerin doppelt "abgewickelt" wurde" PDF.