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Glimpse into a trucker’s life with this excerpt from ‘The Long Haul’ | PBS NewsHour

I then determined never to appear but where my Duty called me. Queen Charlotte with her two Eldest Sons, c. Whereas only about a dozen letters from Queen Charlotte to George III survive in this collection, over letters held in the Royal Archives are written by Queen Charlotte to her eldest — and most likely favourite child — George, Prince of Wales, later Prince Regent. Charlotte was not to see either of her sons become king as she predeceased her husband George III in These cover a range of subjects from motherly advice, updates on other family members, birthday wishes, his daughter Princess Charlotte and general comments on current affairs.

On 1 February Queen Charlotte wrote:. How the Kings Government is to be […] administered, who provisions are to be made for replacing it in His hands, and what stile of dignity should attend His Person in the mean Time are considerations, upon which I can form no adequate Judgement. This saw the beginning of a serious rift between mother and son with Charlotte writing pointedly several days later:.

Although Queen Charlotte had no active role in politics — notably resenting and resisting attempts to bring her into formal decision-making during the illness of the king in — that is not to say that she had no official part to play. Most of these letters are formulaic — congratulations on births and marriages, letters of condolence on deaths, best wishes for the coming year — but they remind us to put the British monarchy in the European context not least because the majority are written in French!

Time, of course, will tell, but a good case continued to be made when Chief Operating Officer and, effective May 1, , Chief Executive Officer Carl Bass took the stage.

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His presentation was built around the story of a fictional multinational firm, Global Bubble Company, and their efforts to build a new plant. Beginning with site selection aided by MapGuide Open Source and design of a new bubble machine in Autodesk Inventor, the story continued with rapid prototyping and siting of the plant, creation of the full-fledged building model, cascading updates of plans and part lists as revisions were made, and fully rendered models for use as presentations.

Onsite use of the models during construction, via wireless enabled laptops, was also demonstrated. DWF has gone a long way toward solving traditionally difficult issues of vector file sharing. Part of this has to do with the model-based approach to large projects: it only works if the model is accurate from the beginning.

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Surveyors are the ones who can really nail things down from the start, and can charge for that accuracy. Ultimately, Bradshaw expects to see, "… convergence of surveying precision with the rest of the design process. Plenty of other new features will also be added, like automated parcel layout and compass adjustment. Surveyors should be able to avoid swapping in and out of Land Desktop, and Simeone says frankly, "… our goal is for all tasks to be done in Civil3D" and that Land Desktop is slated to disappear.

Here are a few that caught my eye:. Carlson Software was demoing SurvCADD , which adds significant new features like instant update of pad information after editing and real-time drag and update of profiles. Small details have also been attended to, with many new features devoted to crisper drafting, such as contour labels that automatically mask underlying screen entities. At 60 an alarm will go off, and at 40 the brakes will automatically lock or just give up.

My CB radio is on I usually turn it off on mountain passes , and I can hear the commentary from the big-truck drivers behind me. Is that in the Yewnited States? Toward the bottom, on the straightaway, they all pass me. My destination is the ultrarich haven called Aspen, Colorado. No U-Hauls for me, thank you very much. At the office in Connecticut they call me the Great White Mover. On Interstate 80 in Wyoming I watched a truck in front of me get blown over onto its side in a windstorm.

He must have been empty. On I in Arizona I saw a state trooper open the driver door of a car and witnessed a river of blood pour out onto the road. The blood soaking into the pavement could be mine at any moment. To the casual observer all trucks probably look similar, and I suppose people figure all truckers do pretty much the same job. Neither is true. The most common are the freighthaulers. We movers are called bedbuggers, and our trucks are called roach coaches. Other specialties are the car haulers parking lot attendants , flatbedders skateboarders , animal transporters chicken chokers , refrigerated food haulers reefers , chemical haulers thermos bottle holders , and hazmat haulers suicide jockeys.

Letters to a husband and king

Bedbuggers are shunned by other truckers. My driving uniform is a three-button company polo shirt, lightweight black cotton pants, black sneakers, black socks, and a cloth belt. My moving uniform is a black cotton jumpsuit. Putting myth and hierarchy aside, I will admit to being immensely proud of my truck-driving skills, the real freedom I do have, and the certain knowledge that I make more money in a month than many of the guys around the coffee counter make in a year.

It even trickles down to waitresses and cashiers. A mover waits longer for coffee, longer in the service bays, longer for showers, longer at the fuel desk, longer everywhere in the world of trucks than the freighthauler. In or out of the trucking world, there are very few people who have what it takes to be a long-haul mover. A typical day may have me in a leafy suburban cul-de-sac where landscapers have trouble operating a riding lawn mower, much less a foot tractor-trailer. Another day may put me in the West Village of Manhattan navigating one-way streets laid out in the eighteenth century.

Since I now work for a boutique van line doing high-end executive moves, all of my work is what we call pack and load. My crew and I will pack every carton and load every piece. On a full-service pack and load, the shipper will do nothing. I had one last summer that was more or less typical: The shipper was a mining executive moving from Connecticut to Vancouver. I showed up in the morning with my crew of five veteran movers; the shipper said hello, finished his coffee, loaded his family into a limousine, and left for the airport.

My crew then washed the breakfast dishes and spent the next seventeen hours packing everything in the house into cartons and loading the truck. At destination, another crew unpacked all the cartons and placed everything where the shipper wanted it, including dishes and stemware back into the breakfront. We even made the beds. That move filled up my entire trailer and included his car.

It was all I could do to fit the whole load on without leaving anything behind, but I managed it. I do remember having to put a stack of pads and a couple of dollies in my sleeper, though. How well a truck is loaded is the acid test of a mover. Drivers are always comparing themselves to other drivers and always learning new tricks from each other. The basic unit of loading a moving van is called a tier. A tier is a wall of household goods assembled inside the van. My foot moving van contains 4, cubic feet of space. Household goods average 7 pounds a cubic foot, so my truck can hold over 30, pounds.

A standard tier is about 2 feet deep and goes across the truck 9 feet and up to the ceiling 10 ten feet, so a tier takes up cubic feet.

In a fully loaded van there will be twenty-five tiers each weighing 1, pounds, more or less. Banisters and doorways will be padded with special gripping pads. Anything in the house that might get rubbed, scratched, banged, dented, or soiled is covered.

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I do enjoy packing stemware, china, sculpture, and fine art, but that stuff is getting rarer in American households. Books are completely disappearing. The interactive electronics took care of it without the violence.